Photo: Cecily George Photography

As Mother’s Day approaches…We encourage you to take this opportunity to thank all of the strong women in your life.

Countless women assume the enormous responsibility of acting as the primary caregiver for both their children and parents.

More than 66% of meal recipients served by Meals on Wheels Chicago are women.  Many of these women will spend Mother’s Day alone.  

Celebrate your mom and all of the strong, special women in your life this Mother’s Day by making a gift to Meals on Wheels Chicago in their name here:


Meals on Wheels Chicago recipient, Florence, recently told us her story…. “Believe it or not, I am old enough to be one of the original’s Woolworth’s girls.  I outlasted them.  I am even older than my church. It just turned 100, I will be 104 in December.”

Florence raised two children after her husband died 46 years ago.  She was doing well until she was hit by a van in 1994 and broke both her legs.  She had to be hospitalized with serious infections twice.  “We thought we were going to lose her,” said Barbara Ann, her daughter.  “The doctors said she could not be on her own.  But I live 100 miles away and my brother can’t care for her on his own.  So we split the duties.”

“Now it is like they are parents and I am the kid,” Florence says.  “There’s a whole bunch of dos and don’ts on the refrigerator.  Must be payback.”

“We are so grateful to Meals on Wheels Chicago.  Mom can’t cook anymore.  The meals mom gets are nutritious and have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Plus, she gets a weekly visit from Calvin.  He not only brings Mom her meals, he brings a smile, a hug and a knuckle bump.  When she turned 101, he had his congregation sign an enormous birthday card for her!”

So what’s the secret to a long life?  Florence shrugs. “I worry, but not too much.   I eat well. I particularly like mostaccioli and meatballs that Calvin brings.  And I drink Dr. Pepper.  He’s the doctor who has done the most for me!”

“I am really grateful to the people who support Meals on Wheels Chicago,” Florence says.  “I salute you.  Meals on Wheels Chicago is the best!”