A Visit with Sunny

Sunny is as cheerful as her name.  She was born after weeks of rain, just as the sun was begining to shine,  so it seemed only natural for her mom to name her Sunny.  “Of course, when you’re 1 of 14 children, you have to get creative about names,” says Sunny.

She has always been a hard worker, begining at the age of 4 to help raise her younger siblings. “I never needed a baby doll, I had the real thing!” She has also been a pharmacist’s assistant, waitress, house cleaner, factory worker, and even a concrete layer.

But of all the jobs she’s had, caretaker is the role that she has performed the longest and with the greatest impact.  Sunny has nurtured terminally ill people in hospice, including her mother. For a time, Sunny cared for a local priest in hospice, who then rallied and lived for another nine years.

But what happens when the caretaker needs help?

Last year, Sunny was in hospital with double pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. “I almost died and had to be resuscitated.  I told God that my two disabled boys still needed me to take care of them – so he sent me home! However,  I could not cook for myself anymore and so am blessed to have the support of Meals on Wheels Chicago.”

“I have the utmost respect for chefs. I have a great love of cooking myself – Italian is my speciality. Being a chef is a great profession, it’s a calling really.  A chef shows their love to people when they cook something that satisfies and makes them happy. I love chefs, I should have married one!”

“Congratulations to Meals on Wheels Chicago on your 30th anniversary – you are a blessing.  My wish is that it continues for another 30, 60, 90 years, with the help of people who care and love. And you know, every time a meal is delivered, it means Meals on Wheels Chicago loves you!”

Thank you Sunny!