Win Chef Comacchio

Italian-born Federico Comacchio became the executive chef at Coco Pazzo in 2012, which was the same year he participated in his first Celebrity Chef Ball.

“Coco Pazzo has a long relationship with Meals on Wheels Chicago, so it made sense for me to volunteer at the Celebrity Chef Ball. Once I did, I fell in love with Meals on Wheels Chicago’s mission. I instantly saw the great need of the people who are less fortunate than my customers.

There are many great fundraisers in Chicago, but none speaks to chefs the way the Celebrity Chef Ball does. Plus, it’s fun for us chefs! We leave behind our kitchens and work with other chefs who we haven’t seen since last year’s Ball.  We talk about our restaurants and the new dishes we’ve created.  And we enjoy interacting with the guests seated at our pods.  Their passion for food and their generosity towards others are incredible!

My proudest moment was three years ago when my cooking was put on the auction block; I offered to come to someone’s home to prepare a meal for 10 people.  The bids just kept going up and up, and by the end of the auction, someone had bid $25,000 for the meal. Wow! I was so proud to know that someone cared that much to bid that high. Most chefs are pretty competetive, so it’s great fun to be the highest auction of the evening. Best of all, that’s $25,000 towards a terrific cause.

I’m looking forward to the 30th Anniversary Celebrity Chef Ball on November 9th and excited to see what my in-home dinner for 10 will go for this year in the live auction!  What other chefs out there willing to join the fun on the auction block?”