DoorDash feeds 480 Chicagoans

Each month, every employee at DoorDash is required to Dash — that is, complete deliveries — to stay connected to the community. All proceeds go to nonprofits that are related to their mission of alleviating hunger and building more equitable food systems. The recipients are nominated, and then voted on, by DoorDash employees.  We are thankful to have been nominated by our associate board member Clayton, and thanks to his nomination, Meals on Wheels Chicago was chosen as the recipient for our November earnings.

“At DoorDash, we believe the best way to stay connected to our communities is to spend time in their shoes. That’s why every full-time employee dashes once a month. Known as WeDash, it’s a tradition that’s been going strong since our founding. But it’s not just about improving DoorDash. We also do it to give back—every single penny earned while WeDashing is donated to a charity that aligns with our company-wide focus on alleviating hunger and fighting food waste.”

The funds raised from their November WeDash will provide 960 meals to feed 480 homebound seniors in Chicago. Thank you DoorDash for making a difference in the lives of of our neighbors who need it most this holiday season.

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For more information on how your organization can raise funds for Meals on Wheels Chicago, email Jayne Drew at [email protected].

Thank you!