Meet Angelina

Angelina has spent her life helping others, including preparing meals herself for Meals on Wheels years ago.  In addition to volunteering to feed homebound seniors, she was an active volunteer at her local parish, and for 35 years cared for many of the neighborhood children.  When it comes to giving of oneself, Angela says, “I don’t see why you wouldn’t. You get back a hundred times what you give.”

Nine years ago, her beloved husband was diagnosed with cancer and dementia.  Angelina was at his side taking care of him until he passed away.  Now Angelina suffers from neuropathy and high blood pressure and cannot stand to cook for herself.  Her only daughter is now living with her own daughter to assist her grandsons, who both have cancer.

Angelina lives by herself and does not get out much, other than to refill her prescriptions, and relies on the visits from a caring Meals on Wheels Chicago driver to bring her a meal and a little cheer.

“The meals are a godsend. I don’t know what I’d do without them.”

“The meals are delicious and healthy with fresh vegetables and fruit, but I most look forward to seeing Jesse – he is really one of a kind.  Jesse truly cares about me and takes his time to see how I am doing.  Now that my husband is gone, Jesse is a gift who is now one of my family.”

84% say their Meals on Wheels driver is the only person they see all week

“Thank you to everyone that supports Meals on Wheels Chicago. I am so grateful to these good people who make it all possible. “The service is not just delivering meals, but it’s also to provide safety, security, and someone to check on you.”