Many, Many Thanks!

November 25, 2020: In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are thinking about what we are grateful for this holiday season. In a year like no other, we are lucky that the list is long! Here are a few things we are grateful for:

First and foremost, we are grateful for YOU, our supporters. Your generosity and commitment to helping seniors and individuals with disabilities in Chicago is so appreciated. With your help, we have expanded our program to meet a large and unprecedented increase in demand. Thank you!

We are also grateful for The Peggy and Steve Fossett Foundation who once again gave Meals on Wheels Chicago a $35,000 grant to help pay for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day Meal. This grant means we can deliver meals to thousands of people across the city, bringing joy and stability to those in need. With demand for our program increasing every day, their support gives us a lot to be grateful for this holiday season!

In response to our Hunger Takes No Holiday week of events, our community showed once again what is possible when we all come together in common cause. Hunger Takes No Holiday was a huge success, raising over $86,000 to help pay for the upcoming holiday meal deliveries. We are overwhelmed by our community’s generosity, and look forward to putting these funds to good use feeding those in need!

We couldn’t have accomplished this without incredible support from local businesses, sponsors, and our friends in the restaurant industry. Please #SupportOurSupporters by ordering from their restaurants and shopping at their stores. You can find a full list of businesses that support Meals on Wheels Chicago here. They really made this possible, and we can’t thank them enough!

Many, many thanks!
The Meals on Wheels Chicago Team