It's our birthday!

Meals on Wheels Chicago Turns 34!

August 10, 2021: Today, Meals on Wheels Chicago turns 34! For our birthday gift, we are asking our community to help seniors experiencing food insecurity. Over 10,000 people rely on our program for their daily nutrition, and your generosity means we won’t let them down. Let’s work together to #NourishOurCity and raise enough to pay for 340 meals!

Give A Meal

About Meals on Wheels Chicago

Meals on Wheels Chicago’s partnership with the City of Chicago began in 1987. Originally incorporated as the Chicago Fund on Aging and Disability, our organization has collaborated with the City to create a unique blend of public and private philanthropy focused on addressing essential services to the homebound. We have expanded our program over the last 34 years to support over 10,000 homebound individuals with 3.2 million home delivered meals annually, with the support of service provider, Open Kitchens.

The expansion of our home delivery program is a testament to our continued efforts to adapt to our ever-changing society and aging population. Over the past year, this notion has stayed at the forefront of our minds as we widened the safety net for homebound individuals while Chicago battles the threat of COVID-19. Our client population increased by 67% to support those newly affected by food insecurity throughout this unprecedented crisis. We look forward to continuing to act as a pillar of stability for our community as we endure the ramifications of this pandemic.

When Meals on Wheels Chicago (MOWC) was established, our primary mission was to fill gaps in service due to lack of federal funding. For this reason, a majority of our efforts are directed towards our holiday meal program. We recognize the loneliness and isolation that can surround the holidays and wish to support our Chicago family during these times. We will continue to advocate for our community of homebound individuals by raising the private funds necessary to continue our high standard of service, despite threats of budget cuts at the federal level for programs like ours that support seniors.


Photo of a Meals on Wheels Chicago Client: Share a meal with someone in need.