Hunger Takes No Holiday

Make a difference this holiday season!

For most of us, the holidays are a time to celebrate, gathering with family and friends to eat, drink, and be merry. Our schedules are packed with joyous occasions and our bellies are stuffed with our favorite festive dishes. We are filled with the holiday spirit, embracing the warmth and comfort of our loved ones.

For most of our clients, the holidays are lonely. This season is another reminder that they are alone, without the companionship of friends or family. Their holidays are spent at a table for one without anyone to wish them a happy holiday.

That’s why Meals on Wheels Chicago delivers upgraded meals on holidays – three of which are coming up in the next two months. We provide special meals and extra treats to give our clients a reason to celebrate.

But, it’s more than a meal.

Delivery drivers become the people our clients celebrate with. They are a connection, a lifeline, a friend. With weekly check-ins, drivers provide reassurance for our clients. They feel safe in the knowledge that someone is there to help, to care, to make sure they’re okay. Especially during the holiday season, drivers supply the friendship and love our clients so desperately need.

The meals and delivery drivers remind our clients they are not alone. They have the support of our community. Neighbors, strangers, and generous people like you give them a gift – food and a friend.

As we enter another holiday season, Meals on Wheels Chicago is raising critical funds to provide special meals for three upcoming holidays. We hope you will give generously to help our clients celebrate while also providing nourishment for their body and soul.

Together, we can create a hunger-free holiday season!

With Much Gratitude,
Elise Geiger
Executive Director