Meet Nathaniel

Nathaniel has lived in Chicago his whole life.

But after losing his wife, he was worried about remaining in his favorite city. Nathaniel is unable to walk and after his wife passed away, he no longer could provide for himself. Grocery shopping is nearly impossible, and cooking is extremely difficult.

So, Nathaniel signed up for Meals on Wheels Chicago.

Now, Nathaniel gets food delivered right to his refrigerator door. Since the box of meals is heavy and Nathaniel cannot lift them, his driver delivers the meals to his kitchen. In addition to bringing fresh food, Nathaniel’s delivery driver also brings a new joke every week.

“He tells me jokes to try and cheer me up. We laugh so hard together, I bet they can hear it downstairs.”

Nathaniel is among thousands of people who, if not for Meals on Wheels Chicago, would go hungry.

  • A majority of our clients – 65% – live at or below the poverty line.

  • Most of our clients live in underserved neighborhoods on the South and Southwest sides, where there are higher rates of food insecurity and food deserts.

They need your help.

This Thanksgiving, give Nathaniel and our clients a reason to celebrate. By donating today, you will help deliver special, upgraded meals for the holidays. Your support provides nutritious food and a friend, giving our clients peace of mind and a full refrigerator.

We still need your help feeding seniors and individuals with disabilities in our community. Make a gift today to support weekly meal delivery and the next special holiday meal!