Home For The Holidays

“Home for the holidays” has a different meaning for our clients.

With the world opening more, we will once again gather with friends and families and embrace the warmth and comfort we bring one another. Our hearts are full as we celebrate traditions, feast together, and savor the love of people we are closest to in this world.

With 65% of our clients living below the poverty line, accessing nutritious food is a big hurdle. After paying for housing and healthcare costs, there isn’t much left for healthy food. To add to their struggles, a majority of our clients live in areas of the City that are considered food deserts, which means they have no access to grocery stores.

It’s up to us to come together and remind these valuable members of our community that though they live by themselves, they are not alone.

In addition to weekly meal delivery, Meals on Wheels Chicago provides special upgraded meals on holidays, giving our clients something to look forward to. It reminds these seniors and people with disabilities in Chicago that someone cares. We hope you will consider helping us deliver a bit of holiday cheer to our clients.

Your gift will provide fresh, nutritious food to those who need it most. Your help will deliver hope and dignity to over 10,600 neighbors this holiday season. Thank you for your support.

With Gratitude,
Elise Geiger
Executive Director

We still need your help feeding seniors and individuals with disabilities in our community. Make a gift today to support weekly meal delivery and the next special holiday meal!