Meet Mabel

Since contracting COVID-19 earlier this year, Mabel has had to use a walker. She is disabled and the illness has made it even harder for her to get around. “In February, I was in the hospital for a whole week and I’m still not walking the way I used to.”

Mabel’s son lends a hand when he can, but she needs additional help. “I have a hard time getting out. I might get out of the house once, maybe twice a month at most.” So Mabel relies on Meals on Wheels Chicago for her food.

Monday afternoons have become her favorite time of the week. Without fail, every Monday at noon Mabel receives her meal delivery. She appreciates the dependability and security of her delivery driver – “They tell me when they’re coming and they’re right on time.”

Mabel recently moved and is already getting to know her new delivery driver, although she misses her driver from her last apartment. He always took the time to talk to Mabel, explain the meals she was receiving, and drop off additional goodies when they were available. She’s excited that her new driver is just as helpful and eager to build on their friendship as well.

Thanks to the support of people like you, Mabel, and the thousands of hungry Chicagoans like her, receive healthy, fresh meals every week. They are not impacted by their ability to make it to the grocery store or forced to rely on family or friends to provide for them. They have confidence and a confidant in their delivery driver and the guarantee that nutritious, well-balanced meals will arrive at their doorstep every week.

We still need your help feeding seniors and individuals with disabilities in our community. Make a gift today to support weekly meal delivery and the next special holiday meal for clients like Mabel!