Rimini Street Foundation Gifts Wellness Packs to Local Senior Centers

The Rimini Street Foundation got together over the holidays to create wellness packs for seniors in our community. These bags are stuffed to the brim with winter essentials like hats, gloves, chapstick, and lotion. The bags contain lots of stimulating activities like coloring books and games, and every pack also includes a handwritten card!

These wellness packs are being handed out on Valentine’s Day at local senior centers, giving seniors in our community a reminder that they are loved and appreciated. Meals on Wheels Chicago staff had a lot of fun getting these special bags organized and delivered to senior centers, packing the bags up in our cars, and making multiple trips to get them all to the right place. We are thrilled to make these generous wellness packs available in celebration of Valentine’s Day!

A big thank you to The Rimini Street Foundation for making this possible!