Winter is a hard time for all of us, especially for seniors. The brutal weather keeps them stuck in their homes, isolated and lonely. We have some suggestions of things you can do to keep the seniors in your life happy, healthy, and warm this holiday season!

1. Groove to the Music! Whether it’s enjoying a concert on TV, learning an instrument, or creating a playlist together, music is a great indoor activity that is sure to bring joy to your loved one. Share some of your favorite songs, artists, and albums. You can learn a lot about each other based on your different tastes in music, and you may find some similarities and new music to explore. Music has a beautiful way of bringing us together.

2. Write! Writing is a great opportunity to let your creativity flow. Whether it’s your life story, a letter to a loved one, or goals for the new year, writing is the perfect pastime for any age. Put that pen to good use and enjoy each other’s company.

3. Get Crafty! Crafts are a great way to keep the hands and minds busy! Make a fun seasonal wreath, try knitting or crocheting, paint a picture, or scrapbook your favorite memories. Whatever craft you may decide on, enjoy the opportunity to create something fun and new with the senior citizens in your life.

4. Start a Book Club! Share your favorite stories with your favorite senior. Nothing is better than curling up with a good book and then discussing the best parts with the best people. Books can transport you to faraway places, so perhaps you want to read a book about magical lands or tropical islands. Let your imagination wander as your book takes you on new adventures in the comfort of your own home.

5. Flow with Chair Yoga! Get the blood flowing and boost your mood. Chair yoga can be practiced anywhere you have a seat and in addition to a good stretch, helps manage stress and anxiety. You can find ideas and tips for chair yoga online, and you can even put on a guided video to help coach you through your next yoga flow. Enjoy some quality time together while supporting your body and mind.