Meals on Wheels Chicago is Honored to Receive a
2023 Impact Grant Merit Award!

June 1, 2023: Meals on Wheels Chicago is honored to have been awarded a $15,000 Merit Grant from Impact Grants Chicago.  We were among eight Chicago nonprofit finalists chosen from 125 organizations who submitted Letters of Inquiry.  We were selected after an extensive and thorough six-month review process, including financial analysis, grant and project review, site visit, and presentation to the members of Impact Grants Chicago at The Grant Awards Celebration on May 31st at Venue West. These funds will be used to support the Nourish Chicago Food Pantry and Pop-Up Markets, providing fresh produce and other groceries to seniors in need.

Impact Grants Chicago is an all-volunteer women’s collective giving organization with members from all over the Chicago area. Women join by making a donation of $1,000 for the grant year. 100% of member donations are pooled to create Impact Grants of $100,000 to be awarded to nonprofit organizations in Chicago. In the fall of each year, nonprofits submit applications, which are vetted over the course of six months by member committees to determine the finalists. At the Grant Awards Celebration, each member is given one vote and the grants are awarded that night. 100% of donations go to the nonprofits.