Peggy and Steve Fossett Foundation Thanksgiving Meal

THE PEGGY AND STEVE FOSSETT FOUNDATION 2019 THANKSGIVING MEAL Meals on Wheels Chicago is pleased to announce  support from the Peggy and Steve Fossett Foundation. The Peggy and Steve Fossett Foundation will once again provide a grant to fund the Holiday Meal Delivery program. This will ensure that Chicago’s homebound seniors and individuals with [...]

Meals on Wheels Chicago Had a Very Busy Summer!

Meals on Wheels Chicago had a busy summer! Partnered with Chicago Magazine We worked with Chicago Magazine at their Best Restaurants event as the charity partner for this year. Chicago Magazine did a great job of welcoming us, and we were able to connect with hundreds of attendees who we now consider [...]

A Paradigm Shift for Good

A Paradigm Shift for Good A donor called in to pledge 10% of her income and shared her story of why. She told us about her constant struggle with weight. She often found herself in the stores – buying sugar laden, salty food. During one trip, she had an epiphany and thought [...]

Hope and Ethel – Two Peas in a Pod

Hope and Ethel – Two Peas in a Pod Upon entering Hope and Ethel’s space, you can certainly tell they have a com­munity of friends and family around them; A few family members were hanging around in the kitchen, the in-home caretaker named Shirly was helping with Ethel, and a meal delivery [...]