Deirdre Quinn

Executive Chef
G&O Chicago

Deirdre Quinn, better known as Chef D, is the Executive Chef of Hammock Hospitality’s G&O in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. Chef D studied at Kendall College and, following experiences under Boka Restaurant Group’s Carl Shelton and Ada Street’s Zoe Schor and Joanna Stachon, she was appointed to open several locations for the DMK group, including Marshall’s Landing and Fort Willow. Chef D joined G&O in 2019 and quickly overhauled their salad and sandwich-focused menu to highlight global street food-inspired fare. She takes pride in the cohesion between her dishes and G&O’s drink menu, and is constantly collaborating within the team to create new menu items that pair well together and can impress on their own. Her goal for G&O’s menu is simple: confidently take guests out of their comfort zones and make them eager to come back for more.