Devon Quinn

Executive Chef

After earning his degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu, Devon went on to cultivate his culinary proficiency working alongside a range of world renowned chefs including Jean-Michel Diot at La Bastide Tapenade in San Diego where he learned basic French technique, Dale Levitski of the former Trio Atelier where he developed his passion for modern American cuisine and Andrew Zimmerman of Del Toro where he discovered his love for Spanish flavor. Devon now oversees the culinary creations within the walls of The Paramount Group’s restaurant, Eden, which showcases its very own onsite greenhouse ingredients that are carefully crafted with locally grown seasonal specialties.

A personal note from Chef Quinn about Meals on Wheels:

 “After my grandmother died and my grandfather was living on his own, Meals on Wheels provided food to him daily.  She had cooked for him his entire life, making him ill equipped to cook for himself.  It was a way for him to receive the nourishment he needed on a daily basis. I am very grateful to Meals on Wheels for feeding my grandpa for nearly 15 years.” – Executive Chef Devon Quinn