Soo Ahn

Executive Chef
Band of Bohemia

Soo Ahn believes that food, at its best, is a culinary adventure. Following experiences in Texas, Korea, California, Washington D.C., and Illinois, as well as in kitchens such as the Ritz Carlton, Grace, El Ideas, and Roosters, Ahn joined the Band of Bohemia team. In the search for his next venture, Ahn sought out restaurants that he felt were pushing boundaries and offering unique concepts. After finding the same passion and differentiating qualities at Band of Bohemia, his goal has become to create dishes that not only stand out on their own, but do justice to the beers for which Band of Bohemia is known. Aside from Michael Carroll’s rotating beers, Ahn finds inspiration through his grandmother’s traditional recipes in addition to childhood snacks, fast food chains, and cuisine from his travels. His new dishes will blur the lines between savory and sweet, as he enjoys incorporating pastry techniques into traditionally savory dishes.