During this uncertain time, Meals on Wheels Chicago is celebrating the Power of Community and the incredible good that individuals can do in the world when they come together. The Power of Community Campaign seeks to harness the outpouring of energy and love that has been directed towards our program during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Deliveries to our clients continue on schedule, but there is a dramatic influx of inquiries for home meal delivery and we are doing everything we can to accommodate these requests. We are in dire need of funds to continue serving the thousands of seniors and individuals with disabilities who were already relying on us. Due to the health crisis, we had no choice but to cancel our spring and summer fundraising events. This decision, while necessary for the health and safety of our community, left a budgetary gap that needs to be filled in order to maintain a regular delivery schedule moving forward.

Please consider a donation to Meals on Wheels Chicago so we may serve those in need. Our clients are particularly vulnerable right now, but together, our community has the resources and the compassion to keep them healthy and safe in their own homes. Now is the time to show seniors they are not alone.

We are grateful for whatever you can give. Thank you!


Hero Spotlight

We have already received so much support from our wonderful community of individual donors, corporate sponsors, foundations and grant-making organizations. Thank you to the following that have gone above and beyond to support our mission during this health crisis. They are our heroes!

If your company is interested in joining our list of heroes by making a financial contribution or by donating product, please email [email protected].