Keeping Independence on the Table

Since 1987 we’ve been working to eliminate hunger and isolation for Chicago’s seniors and individuals with disabilities. Meals on Wheels Chicago’s public-private partnership with the City of Chicago means that together we provide millions of meals to thousands of Chicago’s most vulnerable homebound neighbors each year. 



Disability and Hunger

Disability and Hunger

September 15, 2020: Meals on Wheels Chicago considers many factors when planning for the future of our programs. In an effort to educate the public about our work and the increasing demand for home meal delivery services, we are releasing a series of essays focused on systemic problems that effect seniors and individuals with disabilities. In this essay we explore the link between disability and hunger. We hope highlighting these issues in relation to our mission will encourage our community to advocate for these vulnerable communities. In the meantime, Meals on Wheels Chicago will continue to raise funds for the home meal delivery program, providing our homebound neighbors with the food they need to stay healthy and independent.

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Heidi Clifton of Cecily George Photography Raises Thousands for Meals on Wheels Chicago

Supporter Uses Social Distanced Photo Shoots to Raise Thousands for Meals on Wheels Chicago

July 23, 2020: When the coronavirus took hold of the world in mid-March, Heidi Clifton went into lockdown with her family. Stuck at home with the rest of the world, Clifton quickly developed an idea that would meet this particular moment in history, bringing together her skills and passion with a drive to do tangible good in an unprecedented moment.

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Meals on Wheels Program Brings Peace of Mind and Joy to Seniors and Their Families

July 9, 2020: Becky Schram remembers her father, Bill, as someone who loved his independence, going on walks with her mom Elizabeth and spending time with family. His sense of independence was vital to who he was, as is true with many seniors who need help meeting their basic needs while continuing to live in their own homes.

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How much is eating worth to YOU?

Meals on Wheels Chicago was thrilled to honor Ms. Ina Pinkney, Chicago’s very own Breakfast Queen and long-time advocate for the homebound community, at the 2019 Celebrity Chef Ball. Ina is an extraordinary person with a contagious and inspiring spirit. Click here to read more about Ina and learn about her very personal connection to Meals on Wheels Chicago and her own experience navigating disability.



Our 2020 schedule of events has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. We ask that you consider a donation to help offset the loss of these fundraising events. Your gift will help feed thousands of seniors and individuals with disabilities who rely on home meal delivery to stay nourished and independent.